Blacklisted News Customers Wasting Private Investigator Time

May 13, 2019

Blacklisted Customers By Private Investigator Tampa

BY Private Investigator Tampa

Blacklisted News Customers Wasting Private Investigator Time

This list has been created to give awareness to all Private Investigators in the Tampa Bay Area and Beyond for years customers call in for a FREE consultation and waste our valuable time and trying to get the PI to reveal our methods to do it themselves and at the end of it all we as Private Investigators loose not this time we are adding every single person from this day forward to this list that wasted our time this has never been done before and now its going to be a #TREND and if any private investigator out there that needs to add someone to the list just send us an email @ with that information and we will make sure its on it 


Customer Name: Nathan - Pastor     

Callers Location: California               

Callers Number: (949) 954-0826        

Case Style: Infidelity Investigation   

Target Name: Birgit Anita Nessmann  

Location: St. Petersburg, FL  

Target Number: (727) 776-3459  

Case Style: CHEATER